Rossella Speranza Profile

Rossella Speranza was born in Puglia where she studied at university and where she still has her main residence. In the 1980s she lived and studied in California where she completed an MBA in Agribusiness at Santa Clara University. During the 1990s she had a management role at the Bari Chamber of Commerce dealing with international marketing; she became increasingly interested in the food sector and the culture of the region with particular reference to the Mediterranean food tradition.

Since 2000 she has worked freelance and collaborates with foreign partners, among which is Oldways of Boston and the Culinary Institute of America in California. She has done considerable work with the Regione Puglia and with the Ministero degli Affari Esteri for the internationalization of the Southern Italy program.

She is coordinator for the Olivita project which aims at promoting extra virgin olive oil and its culture.